Girl scout troop leader stole $26,000 worth of cookies: Police

It is not clear if she sold them or ate them

A Girl Scout troop leader in Kentucky could face up to 10 years in prison for stealing over $26,000 worth of cookies.

Leah Ann Vick, 26, was arrested Monday after she allegedly took off with over 6,000 boxes of cookies, as reported by CNN.

Haleigh McGraw, Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Girl Scout marketing director, said that Vick signed for over $26,000 worth of cookies and hasn’t made any payment, though officials from the organization have been trying to collect the money since February. She initially apologized for the “mistake,” and said she planned to get the money back to the organization.

“We started contacting her. She did let us know that: ‘I am sorry, it must have been a mistake, I will get those funds back to you.'”

Vick was charged with felony theft by a Pike County Circuit Court grand jury. Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Bartley said that there is still an investigation underway.

“It is not clear if the troops sold the cookies and she kept the money or she sold the cookies herself and kept the money.”

McGraw says that Girl Scouts front the money to troops who sign an agreement to fulfill the total cost for the boxes of cookies they plan to sell. The girl scouts sell the cookies, then the troops send the money back to the organization.

Vick was responsible for ordering the cookies.

McGraw said that the scouts are the organization’s top priority.

“Right now our biggest concern is actually focusing on recovering and maintaining the troop for the girls. They use those funds for service projects, educational trips. The biggest point of the cookies sale is actually financial literacy.”

Vick is being held in the Pike County Detention Center and is set to appear in court May 26. If she is convicted, she could be facing up to 10 years in prison.

[Feature photo: Pike County Detention Center]