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Johnny Depp calls for judge to unseal whistleblower testimony in fraud lawsuit against managers

Johnny Depp’s $25 million fraud lawsuit against his managers took a turn when he filed a motion this week asking the judge to unseal a testimony from a former TMG employee who can attest to the company’s misconduct, reports Daily Mail.

Depp says that his former business managers, Robert and Joel Mandel of The Management Group (TMG), launched a global media smear campaign against him. The actor alleges that between 1996 and 2016 he paid TMG $28 million in fees for legal, business, tax and accounting services.

Depp is accusing the Mandels and TMG of negligence, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty for failing to pay his taxes on time which ended with the actor owing $5.6 million in federal tax penalties and interest.

It was revealed in April that the actor is $40 million in debt.

He claims that the Mandels loaned third parties $10 million of his money without getting his permission first. He also claims the managers kept financial records unorganized and invested his money into businesses the managers had stakes in.  The managers rebutted by saying that Depp was warned against mismanaging his money and overspending. They claim that actor spent $2 million a month to live luxuriously.

They allege that Depp spent $75 million on 14 homes, $18 million on a luxury yacht, $1 million to archive his Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe memorabilia and $3 million to blast author Hunter S Thompson’s ashes from a custom cannon, though the actor said he actually spent $5 million on the cannon.

TMG claims that Depp spent $30,000 on expensive wine, $300,000 on 40 full-time employees, $150,000 on security for him and his family and $200,000 in private jet costs a month.

The actor claims that he found new and telling information including documents and a testimony from a former TMG employee who says she could corroborate Depp’s allegations that the managing company mismanaged his money.

Depp filed documents to include the information, but the managers demanded that the documents be sealed. The actor objected, asking the court to dismiss the manager’s motion to seal the information. The woman allegedly worked on Depp’s account at the company, was fired for complaining about TMG’s mismanagement, and stated that she knows all the dirt and all the thieves’.

On May 15, the actor filed new documents that demanded the judge allow this information to be public and to be part of the case asserting the information displays the manager’s malpractice.

Depp says the only reason TMG wants to keep this information sealed is because they are concerned for their reputation.

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