Shoplifter arrested for a second time in the same store after dramatic police showdown [VIDEO]

A Georgia man was arrested in a store he was supposed to be serving time for stealing from, injuring officers during a struggle that transpired across and outside of the building, reports Online Athens

The incident, which was caught on camera by a body cam, occurred at 1:45 p.m. at a Dollar General in Athens on Lexington Road. The owner called 911 to report that Marvin Terrell Taylor, 43, was in the store, though he was meant to be in jail for shoplifting from the same business.

Taylor was arrested December 16 for stealing $62 worth of personal hygiene items from the Dollar General. Because of prior shoplifting convictions, Taylor was charged with felony theft by shoplifting.

He was convicted January 26 and was sentenced to four years probation, the first of which was to be served at the state Diversion Center.

Police say that Taylor wasn’t in the store after the store owner called the police. He was seen walking toward nearby Lexington Heights, where he lived.

Senior Police Officer Gregory Gilchrist received a call that Lieutenant Christopher Nichols had made contact with Taylor at the back of the Dollar General where he returned to.

Gilchrist attempted to block Taylor in an aisle that he was in, but the thief managed to get past the officer. Gilchrist shot Taylor with a taser gun, but he was able to remove the wires from his body. The officers pursued Taylor to the exit, then outside of the store where they fell into some bushes.

Nichols ran to help Gilchrist, and the two of them managed to restrain Taylor and place him in handcuffs.

The officers searched Taylor after he was detained and found $20 worth of merchandise the man stole from Dollar General including bug repellent, a flashlight, and a utility knife.

Taylor was charged with theft by shoplifting, obstruction of an enforcement officer and was served with the felony escape warrant that had been issued by the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Both officers sustained injuries during the struggle. Nichols fractured a finger, and Gilchrist injured his elbow.

[Feature photo: Athens-Clarke County Police Department]