Graphic Video: Cop forced to shoot zombie-like suspect trying to cut off another man’s head

“Somebody’s being knifed to death over here!”

A stunning new video shows a Texas police officer as he was forced to shoot a suspect who was stabbing and attempting to behead another man.

The incident took place on March 1, when Officer Blake Witherspoon, a six year veteran of the force, responded to a panicked 911 caller who said a stabbing was taking place.

When Witherspoon arrived on the scene, he found Epthen Johnson on top of another man and repeatedly stabbing him in the neck and head.

The officer repeatedly told Johnson to raise his hands, but Johnson did not respond or even acknowledge Witherspoon was there. Witherspoon observed signs of PCP use, and determined a taser would not stop the suspect.

Witherspoon is seen firing three shots in the video, but Johnson continued to stab at his victim. Witherspoon was forced to fire a fatal shot to end the attack.

A grand jury cleared Officer Witherspoon of any wrongdoing earlier this week.

“In the name of transparency, we are releasing this video to the public today as it is no longer considered evidence by the Angelina County District Attorney’s Office,” the Lufkin Police Department said.

Watch the video below. The first few minutes depict the 911 call, followed by the officer’s body cam and finally the dash cam.

WARNING: The video has not been edited to censor the graphic violence or language.

Toxicology reports showed Johnson was high on PCP and marijuana at the time of the attack.

The witness who first dialed 911 confirmed that Officer Witherspoon had no choice but to shoot Johnson in order to stop the stabbing.

You can read the full incident statement below: