California airline passenger ‘stunned’ that he was asked to move seats on a flight because of his prosthetic leg

A California man traveling through China was forced to move seats on an airplane when a crew member questioned if his prosthetic leg was functional, reports  ABC 7.

Tim Seward, 31, was flying from Beijing, China, to Seoul in South Korea with Asiana Airlines sitting in the exit seat on the airplane. A cabin crew member approached Seward and told him he had to move because he couldn’t prove whether or not he would be able to use his leg properly in the case of an emergency. He told Seward, “I cannot prove if your leg is functional.”

Seward had paid extra money to get an exit row seat because of the extra leg room the seat provides. The seat requires the passenger sitting next to it to be physically able to open the emergency door in the event of a crash landing.

The industrial designer said that he is “more capable than most people physically.” He was even a professional skater in his 20’s.

When the crew member asked him to move, Seward asked him “so the company told you to move a disabled person because in this seat according to your policy you do not allow a disabled person to sit in this seat because I wear a prosthetic leg?”

He filmed the incident on his cellphone.

Seward demanded to speak to the cabin manager but was instead brought three security guards to escort him to another seat. He said they threatened to kick him off the plane if he didn’t move seats.

He told ABC that he was stunned that he had to deal with an incident on a flight.

“It caught me off-guard completely. Even with everything that’s happening on flights these days I couldn’t believe what happened and that I am the one having to deal with it.”

[Feature photo: Facebook]