Heartbreaking video shows abandoned dog’s reaction to being left at a shelter

A video posted to social media shows the heartbreaking moment a dog abandoned at the shelter realizes her family is not coming back for her.

The Facebook video shows Electra, a 4-year-old pit bull mix, who was left at the Inland Valley Humane Society in California on May 17, reports the New York Post.

ADOPTED ELECTRA represents the face os sadness and reality in the shelters. Sometimes I would like to understand…

Posted by Lolys Menchaka on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thousands of people commented on the video saying thing such as: “Her sad eyes made my heart hurt” and “this kills me. Those eyes. She’s so scared. The wagging tail. She’s still wants to give love. Dogs are so selfless.”

Lolys Menchaka, an animal activist in California, reportedly posted the video on Facebook. She’s been posting updates about Electra, and says the pup has since been adopted.

Another pit bull placed in a shelter recently, who was called “unadoptable,” has also found a home.

One-year-old Leonard was called a “problem dog” when he was placed in a shelter.

Jim Alloway, executive director for Union County Humane Society in Marysville, Ohio, told CBS News that it would be hard to find a home for the pup because of his personality.

“Whatever you’re carrying, a wallet, key, bucket, a toy, food — he wants it…A traditional household was not an option for Leonard. He’s definitely not a couch potato.”

This didn’t mean the end for the canine, however. Alloway, who has been training police dogs for 20 years, saw something in Leonard.

He said that Leonard was the type of dog that if a ball was thrown into the woods, he wouldn’t give up until he either found the ball or was dragged away.

Alloway got in touch Mike Pennington, who owns Storm Dog K-9 Training in Sunbury, Ohio. Leonard was trained at the facility and introduced to his new handler Clay Township Police Chief Terry Mitchell.

Leonard was officially certified on Tuesday to become Ohio’s first police K-9 pit bull.

His handler says that “Detective Leonard” is a loving and friendly dog, but “when you put that vest on him he’s all business. It’s like he knows it’s time to go to work.”

Alloway said that Leonard’s story shows how important it is to never give up on a dog.

“We should be treating each animal individually, doing out best that we possibly can with each one. Maybe that’s finding them a home with a traditional family with two kids and fenced backyard, maybe not.”

[Feature photo: Facebook]