Public furious after a ‘mom’ posts photo of toddler smoking

-‘She only had one puff!’
-The mom tries to defend her actions after photo goes viral

A mother prompted the public’s fury after she posted a picture of her toddler smoking a cigarette on social media.

Many are calling for child services to step in after seeing the baby inhaling from a lit cigarette in what the mother called a “joke photo,” reports Daily Mail.

The caption read “trying brittnies cig hahaha.”

The mother tried to defend her actions to “everyone getting offended” by saying that the child “only had one puff of the thing and barely inhaled it.”

The photo received many negative comments, most of which suggested that the child should be taken out of the mother’s care and placed with child services.

“This isn’t funny, you should have your child took off you. Sick.”

The picture was originally shared on Instagram but was eventually posted to Reddit where it received even more backlash.

“I think this is the angriest Reddit has ever made me.”

One person said, “this is the kind of thing you report to the authorities.”

Another suggested that the image had been photoshopped, therefore the context of the image was off. However, others rebutted saying, “I don’t think the context is the problem – just the fact a child has a cigarette in their mouth.”

Kidspot suggested that this particular post was a fake, as this photo had been posted before back in 2015 by a Spanish woman.

The original caption read: “Already smoking at one year old, love you little one, you’re my f****** life.”

At the time, the photo sparked the same outrage as it did today and had people calling for child services to step in.

Antonio Nieto, vice president of the Spanish Association of Pediatricians, said at the time that the smoking could be “worse than heroin” for the toddler’s lungs.

“I think the police would definitely consider it to be child abuse, it is just absolutely unbelievable.”

[Feature photo: Instagram]