California pastor accused of forcibly molesting a minor

A California pastor was arrested Wednesday after being accused of forcibly molesting a minor.

San Diego Sheriff’s Department Child Abuse Unit detectives arrested Matthew Tague, 43,  for multiple counts of lewd and lascivious acts with one victim under the age of 14. Two of the counts are forcible, according to Gospel Herald.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Karen Stubkjaer did not disclose the child’s age or gender.

“There is a lot of information I’m not prepared to disclose right now about the victim, the relationship, and so forth. It appears this has been going on for about a year.”

Tague has been married for 20 years and has six children, three by birth and three adopted.

At this time, there is no indication that there are more victims, according to authorities.

Tague worked as a pastor at the North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad. The incident seems to be unrelated to his position at the church.

The church issued a statement saying that when it heard of the accusations against Tague he was “immediately” terminated and was reported to the Sheriff’s department.

“We are deeply grieved to share that early this week we learned that a pastor at North Coast Calvary Chapel, Matthew Tague, was reported to have acted inappropriately with a minor, off church property, and outside of church ministry activities.”

The church asks for prayers for the victim and the family involved, as well as “for justice and restorative healing to take place for all involved.”

The church says that it has “strict requirements” for hiring pastors and staff and that each goes through a thorough background check. Tague has no prior criminal record.

The investigation is still underway, and there are no additional details at this time.

Tague was booked into the Vista Detention Facility and is being held on $1,900,000.00 bail.

[Feature photo: North Coast Calvary Chapel]