Father who killed son in fight over biscuits and gravy avoids jail

An Indianapolis man was sentenced Tuesday to probation for the fatal shooting of his son, reports Fox 59.

Police say an argument on November 14, 2015, started in the father’s and son’s home over biscuits and gravy. The argument ended with Fred Fleener III, 46, shooting Fred Fleener IV, 22, in the chest.

The son was taken to Eskenazi Hospital where he was pronounced dead during surgery, and his father was taken to IMPDs Homicide Branch to be questioned. Fleener III was arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter and reckless homicide.

The voluntary manslaughter charge was later dropped when Fleener III accepted a plea deal. He was sentenced to two years probation for the reckless homicide charge.

According to Indy Star, the father and other family members claimed that the younger Fleener was a bully with mental health issues.

“This has gone on for a long time. We’re so tired of this. He’s always beating on us,” the deceased’s sister said.

According to his sister, Fleener IV has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as anxiety and depression.

The argument that led to the killing started when Fleener III sent his daughter out to buy breakfast platters for the family. When she came back with the platters, her brother was upset because he only got one tray, but he wanted two.

He threw something at their cousin, and when his father jumped in to defend the cousin, the father and son began to argue. The argument escalated until it ended with two gunshots. The daughter said she heard her brother say, “Dad, you shot me.”

Police said they were informed while on their way to the residence that the father was the shooter and his son was the victim. They were told he would not resist arrest.

No one else in the house showed signs of physical injury, and there weren’t any signs of struggle, according to police.

[Feature photo: IMPD]