Teen boy cuts off own penis, stabs mother while high on skunk weed

A father is campaigning to have a drug reclassified after his teenage son cut off his own penis and stabbed his mother while under the drug’s influence.

The teen rugby player was under the influence of skunk, a term for highly potent cannabis, when he mutilated himself and attacked his mother. The drug is currently classified as a class B drug, butĀ parents who have lost their children to the effects of the drug are campaigning to have skunk reclassified as a class A drug while decriminalizing traditional marijuana.

The father of the rugby player, only known as Nick, is supporting the UK-based lobby. Nick wants to stay anonymous while his son works to get his life back on track.

In an interview with Radio Five Live, Nick spoke out about his son’s story. The county rugby player started out with smoking marijuana but soon progressed to skunk out of “boredom.”

The switch to the more potent drug began what Nick called “two and a half years of hell,” culminating in a psychotic breakdown.

He said his son had once been outgoing and “bubbly,” but he changed while on the drug. Paranoid and neurotic, the son began sleepingĀ “with a tennis racket in his bed because he thought people were living in the walls”.

On the day he attacked his mother and butchered himself, everything seemed “perfectly normal.”

That night, though, the teen woke up in a psychotic state. The father said the incident was traumatizing and he couldn’t believe it was happening.

“It was absolutely devastating, you can’t imagine anything of that nature happening…the whole episode was just surreal, I remember looking back its almost as if I’m peering in through a window and it’s happening to someone else.”

After his breakdown, the teen spent six months in a mental institution and two years in total in prison for the incident.

The teen is clean and off the drugs now, and has had surgery for his injuries. He’s set to have more operations, but his father is unable to tell if he’ll ever be able to have children.

Nick says his ex-wife made a full recovery and has healed her relationship with her son, who is now doing well.

“We recognize that this was an illness… he was totally oblivious, actually has no real memory of anything that happened, even now. Maybe that’s for the best.”

Photo: Pixabay