Baby found naked, left in paper bag on side of the road — and covered in STINGING ANTS

Police are still searching for the person who dumped the helpless infant

Authorities in the Chinese province of Shantou are searching for the suspects who left a defenseless baby by the side of the road, protected only by a shopping bag.

According to The Sun, the infant was found by local residents, after they heard its screams of agony. The baby was laying on the road, naked and helpless.

The Sun obtained video of the screaming baby recorded by a witness at the scene.

Adding to the horror, the bag it laid in was filled with stinging ants that were crawling all over and biting the baby.

Chinese news sources that first reported the story say that onlookers found no note in or near the bag. There was nothing to indicate why the baby was left there and who left it, though there was a layer of clothing piled on top of the infant.

Good samaritans rescued the baby and brushed off all of the insects.

“Brush it off, quick, quick,” one woman can be heard saying, according to the Daily Mail.

“Don’t know if the ants are poisonous or not. There are some in the mouth too.”

The baby, whose gender has not been reported, was taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors announced it had responded well to treatment. It will remain in the hospital’s care for the time being.

The perpetrators of this cruel act have yet to be apprehended, but local authorities have begun an exhaustive search of the area, using the city’s many traffic cameras as a starting point. Police are confident they should, eventually, be able to find the moment the baby was left by the side of the road.

Photo: The Sun video screenshot