GOP baseball shooter’s foster daughter burned herself to death

He lost a second foster daughter after he was found to be abusing her

The “anti-Trump” radical who was killed by police after opening fire on a Republican Congressional baseball practice was an abusive foster dad to two teenage girls, one who committed suicide by burning herself to death, reports the New York Post.

Wanda Ashley Stock, 17, lived with James Hodgkinson, 66, and his wife for a few months in 1996. Wanda killed herself by pouring gasoline all over her body and setting herself on fire.

Hodgkinson told a local newspaper at the time that she was a “very practical, level-headed girl.”

Years later, Hodgkinson and his wife lost custody to another teenage girl after he was suspected of abusing her.

The teen’s friend, Aimee Moreland, then 19, was hanging out with the girl in 2006 when Hodgkinson allegedly barged into her home and punched Moreland “with a closed fist.”

She told The Daily Beast that Hodgkinson pointed a shotgun at her boyfriend and fired a round.

“[Hodgkinson] fired a couple of warning shots and then hit my boyfriend with the butt of the gun.”

A police report said that the foster dad was “observed throwing” the foster daughter “around the bedroom.” He then “started hitting her arms, pulling her hair, and started grabbing her off the bed.”

Moreland said her friend often came over to her house to escape Hodgkinson who was angry much of the time.

She also said that when the two tried to get away in a car, he reached inside and turned it off.

“We were panicked and when I tried to reverse, I hit neutral instead and he opened my car door and hit me, and then came to her car door and pulled out a knife and cut her seatbelt and dragged her out. She was only 15 or 16, I think. She was so tiny.”

He eventually lost custody of the teen.

Police shot and killed Hodgkinson after he fired dozens of rounds at a Congressional baseball practice on

[Feature photo: St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department]