VIDEO: Kidnap suspect climbs to building roof for six-hour standoff with police

A known Los Angeles gang member was arrested after attempting to kidnap his girlfriend and spending hours on a roof evading police, reports KABC.

Around 1 p.m. Thursday, the 30-year-old suspect forced his girlfriend into his car in the 13300 block of Aldergrove Street in the Sylmar district of Los Angeles.

Around 7:30 p.m., the man was involved in a short police chase that was captured on camera via helicopter. When the chase ended, the suspect abandoned the car and fled on foot.

The suspect made his way to a home in the 13700 block of Brussels Avenue. He knocked on the door, trying to gain entry, but the resident who was home at the time refused to let him in.

The man ended up climbing up to a roof on a building that was close by and stayed up there for hours while police tried to negotiate a surrender. He didn’t seem to be armed, so officers decided to take a peaceful approach and wait for him to come down rather than forcing him off.

Lt. Joseph Kalyn said that a crisis negotiation team was on the job.

“The strategy is time. We have both lethal and nonlethal weapons. We have our crisis negotiation team out here, and our SWAT team. And they’re going to take as long as we need to talk this gentleman off the roof in a peaceful resolution.”

The suspect stayed on the roof until 1:15 a.m. when he finally surrendered. He was arrested for kidnapping. Police shared no further details on the arrest.

Authorities say the suspect is a known gang member with a long criminal history. He is currently on parole, and police believe he may be living out of his car.

[Feature photo: KABC screenshot]