‘Get ready motherf****ers!’: Pregnant mother shot by police yelled at them while holding two knives

Audio and video recordings of the moment a pregnant mother of three was shot by police have been released.

On Sunday, two officers responded to a call about a burglary at Charleena Lyles’ home, as Crime Online recently reported. Lyles made the call to report that some of her possessions had been stolen.

After entering her residence, Lyles whipped out a knife, and the two officers shot the pregnant mother to death.

Audio and video recordings reveal what was said just moments before Lyles died.

Before entering the premises, the officers are heard talking about an incident that happened on June 5 between Lyles and other officers. Lyles was arrested on charges of harassment, obstruction of a public official and harassment of a law enforcement officer.

“She called for a DV. She let them in and then she started talking all crazy about how she, the officers weren’t gonna leave. And she had a giant pair of scissors.”

The officer explained that she was an “officer safety caution,” because of the incident then said, “Yeah, so this gal, she was the one making all these weird statements about how her and her daughter are going to turn into wolves.”

He said that all was fine at first until the officers entered her apartment, then “it took a turn.”

After the conversation, dashcam footage from the squad car shows the officers walking into the building.

When the officers get to the apartment, all seems normal. One officer greets Lyles saying, “Good morning, you call the police?”

The officers get her name then she invites them into her house to show them that some of her possessions were missing. After a few minutes, police are suddenly heard yelling “Get back, get back, get back.”

Lyles then yells at the officers.

“Get ready, motherf***ers!”

One officer calls for backup saying that they were dealing with “a woman with two knives.” He tells the other officer to stun the woman, but he replies that he doesn’t have a taser on him. That’s when shots were fired.

The officer calls dispatch again once Lyles had been shot.

“Suspect is down, we need officers on-scene, we need medics as well. We are not under control.”

Both officers were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Lyles’ family believes that she was shot unfairly, and that her death had more to do with her race than her actions.

[Feature photo: Seattle Police Department]