‘Cold-blooded execution’: Woman sentenced to 120 years after stripping two teen brothers naked and slaughtering them

A judge has sentenced Indiana resident Jeri Woods, 35, to 120 years behind bars after she was convicted of kidnapping and murdering two teenaged brothers, according to Chicago Tribune.

Last month, she was convicted of kidnapping and murdering Arreon Lackey, 18, and his younger brother, Antonio Lackey, 16.

Additionally, according to court records obtained by NWI Times, Woods forced the brothers to strip naked and hug one another before she took a handgun and shot them both dead.

Before issuing a sentence, Judge Diane Boswell spoke of the severity of the crime, indicating that children actually found the two dead bodies.

“It was a cold-blooded execution of two juveniles, who were humiliated when they were made to strip naked in the woods,” she said. “Their bodies were left in an open field for the animals to desecrate, and they were further humiliated by having to then embrace each other and say goodbye to their brother.”

“There was no consideration given to the fact this was a place where people might come by and find these bodies, and indeed, it was two children who found these remains.”

Woods and six co-defendants were alleged to have kidnapped the Lackey brothers on June 26, 2015, right from a hotel room. Court records indicate that the impetus for the original kidnapping was the search for a lost or stolen revolver.

The victims’ mother, Tia Moore, described her reaction to the crime in an emotional letter that was read in court.

“I never thought that I would have to sit in court and listen to how my children were murdered and left to rot in the woods,” she said.

Woods was convicted of two counts each of murder, felony murder and kidnapping. She is planning to appeal.

Also charged were Kiontay Cason, 23, her stepson, Arrion Greenwood, 19; Greenwood’s girlfriend, Michelle Hughes, 28, another stepson, David Johnson V, 21, her husband, David Johnson IV, 39, her father-in-law and David Johnson III, 64.

Cason and David Johnson V pleaded guilty to two counts of kidnapping and testified against Woods under terms of their plea agreements. They each face a maximum of 32 years in jail.