CREEP ALERT: Police are looking for a man who allegedly tried to lure two children into his car with the promise of fidget spinners

New Jersey police are looking for a man they say tried to lure two young boys, aged eight and 11, into his car by promising them fidget spinners, a popular toy.

The incident happened Thursday morning at a Quick Check convenience store in Laurence Harbor, according to Daily Mail.

The two boys, who are siblings, rode their bikes to the convenience store, where they were approached by a strange man who bought them snacks, according to an employee.

The employee told ABC 7 that the man even tried to coax the duo into his car by promising to buy them fidget spinners.

*** Please help identify ***On this date, Thursday, June 29, 2017, a man attempted to lure two children at the Quick…

Posted by Old Bridge Township Police Department on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thankfully, one of the children felt uncomfortable and notified the store’s staff.

“No, the way he played it off was as if they were with him so we didn’t think anything of it until the kids started to look a little nervous and ran up to the girl at the register,” assistant store manager Jeanine Karycinski told reporters. “He purchased some items for them and handed them the bag, forced the bag on them, then told them to follow them to his car because he had spinners and a baseball cap.”

Even after the children asked for help,┬áthe suspicious man still didn’t exit the store.

“I took them into my office and he proceeded to try to give me the stuff that he purchased and I told him that they didn’t want it, didn’t need it and asked him to please leave the store because the kids were that nervous.”

The suspect is being described as a thin, white male in his late twenties or thirties. He was wearing a gold Yankees hat, sunglasses, and a red Nike t-shirt. According to authorities, he was also unshaven.

Police say he left the area in a white Toyota, possibly a Corolla.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Michael Machen at 732-721-5600 x3210 or email

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