Prime suspect in savage rape and murder of young waitress drank POISON as police closed in on his location

The main suspect in the brutal rape and murder of a waitress swallowed down poison, in an apparent attempt at suicide, as police were on the way to make an arrest, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

Pornchai “Khae” Kaensue, 30, who also goes by the name Jeep Pathalom, was found on the floor of his mother-in-law’s home, located in the Pran Buri district of Thailand, after drinking the toxic brew.

The married man is being accused of murdering and raping Sriprapa Khosin, 25. Authorities also allege that Kaensue was involved in an extramarital relationship with the young waitress.

Police paint a gruesome picture of the alleged crime. According to Bangkok Post, Khosin was found with her throat slashed and her hands and feet tied together. Her knitted blouse was pulled up over her chest and her jeans had been taken off. Authorities also report that the room was covered in blood and her belongings were scattered all over the place. Forensic police estimated that she had been killed 2-3 days before finding the body.

Thailand police became suspicious of the 30-year-old after neighbors said they saw him speeding away from the victim’s apartment, on her motorcycle, while wearing a surgical mask. After examing surveillance cameras from the area, they were able to pin Kaensue as the lead suspect, according to LifeSpaceConnect.

Once he had swallowed the poisonous concoction, Kaensue’s wife convinced him to surrender. He was taken to the hospital, having survived the self-poisoning. The accused rapist and murder’s condition, however, is not known.

[Featured Image: The Chin Express/Facebook]