‘It’s a crime against humanity’: YouTube ‘preacher’ gets 52 years for raping an innocent 5-year-old girl after she bravely delivered testimony in court

A Tennessee judge has sentenced a YouTube “preacher” to a combined total of 52 years behind bars for raping a 5-year-old girl in 2013, according to The Commercial Appeal.

Jarvis Gray, 29, received 40 years in jail for raping the child and an additional 12 years for aggravated sexual battery. Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Lee Coffee actually expressed regret that he was unable to force Gray, a self-described “prophet,” into an even longer prison stay.

“It’s a crime against humanity,” Coffee said of Gray’s offense. “It’s a crime against everything that is right, everything that is just.”

A jury found Gray guilty in May for raping the girl, helped, in part, by testimony from the victim herself, who is now 9-years-old. She told the court that Gray would sometimes watch her and her siblings when her parents were away, which allowed him ample opportunity to commit the heinous act, as reported by WMCA.

The unnamed victim even told the court what kind of punishment she would like to see her rapist endure, stating that he should go to prison for “his whole life” and that he should have “no food or drink for 10 days,” according to court transcripts.

The girl’s father also testified during the sentencing hearing, detailing the suffering his family has experienced, saying he and his wife have lived through “great emotional and even physical effect as far as my family, my church, our home.”

He also stated that the family has been undergoing counseling in order to help with any lingering emotional trauma due to the horrific incident.

Additionally, Gray has been charged with sexually assaulting a young boy, though that case is still pending.

[Featured Image: Memphis Police Department.]