Update: Additional details emerge on ‘perfect abduction fantasy’ forum visited by Chinese grad’s suspected kidnapper

Brendt Christensen visited a ‘perfect abduction fantasy’ forum before Yingying Zhang abduction

The Illinois man in custody for kidnapping 26-year-old, Yingying Zhang, visited a fetish website that gave explicit directions on how to carry out an abduction fantasy, reports Fox News.

Brendt Christensen, 28, was arrested Friday on kidnapping charges and remains in jail. Police apprehended him after he was heard detailing how he kidnapped Zhang and held her against her will.

She is believed to be dead but a body is yet to be found.

Zhang was a Chinese scholar at the University of Illinois. She earned her master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and was at the university doing research in agricultural sciences. Christensen earned a master’s degree in Physics from the University of Illinois this year.

The woman, originally from China, was running late on her way to sign a lease for a new apartment when Christensen kidnapped her. After attempting to flag down a bus, and failing to do so, she got in a car believed to be Christensen’s. Police say the investigation into her abduction points to her death, but they haven’t been able to confirm their suspicions.

Analysis of Christensen’s phone found that on April 19, the alleged kidnapper accessed a website called FetLife.com and viewed a forum that had posts entitled “Perfect abduction fantasy” and “Planning a kidnapping.”.

The website’s policies emphasize that members interacting with each other must be consenting adults, and says that it’s a place for people to play out their fantasies.

“FetLife’s community is … open-minded and non-judgmental. Our number one priority is to create a fun and safe place for kinksters.”

FetLife is a self-described “Social Network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky Community.” After being cited in several criminal cases, the site prohibited hundreds of fetishes that might lead to criminal activity.

Canadian software developer John Baku, who developed the fetish website, said that he wished to eliminate any risks to anyone’s safety, as well as any chance of legal liability.

Christensen is still in jail and is set to appear for the first time in federal court on Monday.

Zhang was described by those who knew her as bright and caring. Her father traveled from China in June to help search for her. She intended to become a professor to support her family.

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