Fatal daytime shooting near children’s play area sends fear through Toledo

Residents in a Toledo neighborhood say they’re worried for their family’s safety after a man was shot near the spot where children had just been playing minutes before Sunday afternoon, reports ABC 13.

Carlos Trevino said he was taken by surprise when he heard the gunshot.

“All of a sudden I heard a big ‘boom’—come outside and all I seen was somebody slumped over on the porch. It’s crazy, you know? You don’t expect something like that.”

Police received multiple calls about gunfire in the neighborhood and arrived on the scene to find Devereaux Kynard, 27, suffering from a gunshot wound. He was later pronounced dead by first responders.

Trevino told ABC 13 that his neighborhood is usually quiet and comprised mostly of families. When he heard the gunfire and saw Kynard slumped on a porch directly across the street from his house, he told his children to run upstairs and hide.

Kynard’s death was Toledo’s 21st homicide of 2017.

Asbury Park Block Watch leader Frank Herbert says he’s concerned with the rising amount of violence that’s been plaguing Toledo neighborhoods.

“Where do we turn to? When’s the violence going to stop over here.”

Herbert advises people to immediately report any crime they may witness to police, as that will hopefully help to put an end to the violence. He tells residents that if they “hear or see anything, call 911 immediately. Report it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t even think twice about it. Call 911”

Police say that on Monday night a drive-by shooting in another Toledo neighborhood left one man in the hospital after being shot in the leg. Another man was grazed by a bullet but suffered non-life threatening injuries.

No suspects have been arrested in the ongoing investigation of Deveraux Kynard’s death, but police have brought people in for questioning.