Monster buries dog alive, completely immobile in tightly packed dirt

A Georgia man stumbled upon a dog in early June that had been buried alive, and despite his efforts, the dog died two days later, according to a report by WXIA.

Eric Purdue was walking along a trail in Tucker, Georgia, when he noticed a dog’s head partially sticking out of the ground. He, his son, and his nephew began digging at the tightly packed dirt to excavate her.

Purdue said that he almost missed the brown, fluffy chow-chow mix that was barely visible in the dirt. He was cutting briars along a trail when he heard something about 25 yards away. He almost stepped on the dog that was packed so tightly in the dirt she couldn’t move.

It took thirty minutes for the three men to dig the dog out by hand.

“I think she knew we were trying to help her, so she just laid there. She wasn’t super responsive.”

Purdue took her home to his family where they bathed her several times and dubbed her Lulu. He said that she was never alone and always had someone by her side to comfort her.

“She was always with us… until we went to bed, she was always being petted.”

Lulu was taken to a veterinarian the next day, but was unable to recover from her suffering and passed away.

Purdue had planned to take Lulu in as his own.

“I was planning on adopting the dog. I visualized the dog riding around with me in my truck. But they called me around 4:30 the next day to tell me that she’d passed…June was a rough month; it really was. I think about her a lot.”

Police are still searching for the person that tortured and abandoned Lulu but have no leads. Purdue hopes that someone will see the picture of her and recognize the dog.

Witnesses say they saw a green, late-model SUV parked at the trail head two days in a row. It’s believed that Lulu was trapped for both of those days.

Purdue, who walks his dog along the trail almost every day, says the hole where he found Lulu is still there. He plans to fill it in sometime soon.

He also said that there’s a hole in his heart as well.

“There’s a hole here, too. Everyone in my house has a hole in their heart because of this—everyone in my family was traumatized by it. But the dog was loved beyond measure for the last 24 hours of her life.”

Purdue and his family will host a benefit for Lulu at the Star Community Bar in Little Five Points, Georgia. All proceeds from the benefit will go to the Lifeline Animal Project.

He said the benefit will be free with a donation opportunity at the door. They plan to honor Lulu and “celebrate her life with music.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has offered a $10,000 reward to anyone that comes forward with information that leads to an arrest and conviction on animal cruelty charges.

Colleen O’Brien, PETA vice president, asked the public for their help in identifying Lulu’s killers.

“Someone tortured this dog by packing her in dirt, where she couldn’t move, drink or escape the terror of being buried alive. PETA urges anyone with information about this case to come forward immediately so that whoever buried this dog can be held responsible and stopped from hurting anyone else.”

The Humane Society of the United States’ spokeswoman Katie Feldman, says the reward has been increased to $5,000, making the total reward $15,000 to anyone that can help find whoever is responsible for Lulu’s suffering.

Anyone with information is asked to call DeKalb County Animal Control, at (404) 294-2939.

Feature photo: Eric Purdue