‘Not in this for the money’: Parents of alleged rape victim sue college after their 21-year-old daughter hanged herself

The family also alleged that the rapist was not charged because he is ‘well connected’

The parents of a former University of Alabama student are suing the school after their 21-year-old daughter was allegedly raped and then, later, committed suicide, according to PEOPLE.

Megan Rondini, then 20, was in the school’s premed program in June of 2015 when, one night, she went out drinking at a bar.

The next day, the junior told friends that she had been drugged at the bar, by Terry Bunn Jr., taken to his home and raped.

Less than a year later, in February of 2016, the 21-year-old woman took her own life by hanging herself.

Now Rondini’s parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several participants who they say failed their daughter. The lawsuit, obtained by PEOPLE, states that Michael and Cynthia Rondini are suing their daughter’s alleged rapist, two university employees, the Tuscaloosa County sheriff, a sheriff’s deputy, and a sheriff’s office investigator.

The lawsuit states that the university did not give their daughter adequate psychological treatment after the alleged rape. The lawsuit goes as far as to suggest some university employees “deliberately and repeatedly denied services and mishandled accommodations with hostility.”

Her parents noted that their daughter entered into a downward spiral after the alleged night of sexual assault. They say she became depressed, suffered from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Rondini moved back home, to Texas, and dropped out of school.

Leroy Maxwell Jr., the Rondinis’ attorney, played down the notion that the family is seeking financial retribution from the school. He hopes the lawsuit will work to shine a light on similar cases.

“The Rondini family is not in this for the money, they are only interested in shining a bright light on a tragic yet preventable situation,” he said in a statement sent to AL.com. “The court will determine if this case rises to the level of punitive damages.”

The University of Alabama has released a statement to defend its actions in the case of the alleged rape of Megan Rondini.

“When Megan went to the hospital, a university advocate met her at the hospital to provide support and stayed with her throughout the examination process,” the school said. “Megan also received information from university representatives regarding services available to her on campus, including counseling through the university’s Women & Gender Resource Center.”

The family has also insinuated that Bunn, Rondini’s alleged rapist, was not charged because his family is “well connected and powerful in the Tuscaloosa community, and were major financial supporters of UA.”

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