Snapchatting teen girls: 4 a.m. water park break-in bust

Myrtle Beach police arrested two 18-year-old girls Wednesday after they were caught on Snapchat, reportedly breaking into a water park and eating $8 worth of Italian ice, reports The State.

Logan Brooke Larrimore, 18, and Farren Marie Lane, 18, were each charged with one count of third-degree burglary after a woman saw their Snapchat posts and turned them in to police.

Police responded to a call at the Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park about a burglary Monday. The woman told officers that she had seen multiple videos of the two at the water park at around 4 a.m. Saturday morning.

Authorities say the teens were seen in the videos taking $8 worth of Italian ice without paying for it, and that the videos “clearly depict the offenders inside of the waterpark after hours.”

Larrimore said at one point in the video that she and Lane got into the park by “jumping the fence,” then “went down all the slides,” according to police.

The woman who turned the teens in said she found the duo’s names on their Snapchat accounts, then gave them to police, who found them through the DMV.

Both teens are being held at the Myrtle Beach Jail.

In other teen news, four different suspects were recently caught breaking into a middle school in Springfield, Missouri.

The Springfield News-Leader reported that two of the teens were charged last week after they were caught vandalizing the school and causing irreversible damage to a 1959 letterman jacket that belonged to the father of Superintendent Jeff Hyatt.

Kayla N. Smith, 17, and Logan P. Clark, 17, were part of a group that broke into the middle school and sprayed fire extinguishers in several classrooms. Hyatt said that the damage they caused wasn’t harmless.

“It’s not just an easy simple clean up.”

There were no broken windows or doors, but the teens caused an estimated $10,000 to $15,000 worth of damages. However, that number was just the initial estimate, and the cost of damages has grown.

The property damages can be reversed, but the jacket that the teens cut up and urinated on can never be replaced. Hyatt said that his father died two years ago, and that “it’s my mother that’s really having a tough time with it.”

Smith and Clark have both been charged with burglary and institutional vandalism.

[Feature Photo: Myrtle Beach Police Department]