Married 43-year-old teacher adopts her student and allegedly forces him to have sex with her

The teen boy claims he exchanged text messages about sex with the suspect, who was entered into his phone as ‘Mom.’ The teacher has denied the allegations.

A New Jersey middle school teacher is accused of adopting a former student so that she could have sex with him, according to a report by The Trentonian.

Rayna Culver, 43, adopted the 15-year-old student when the boy was kicked out of a relative’s home in 2015.

Culver was working at Rivera Middle School teaching climate and culture when she met the teen.

He told investigators in February that he and Culver had a “very close” relationship while he attended the middle school. According to a criminal complaint, the two spent a lot of time together.

“There they developed a relationship and he would talk to her often.”

Culver would eventually start touching the teen, but “he didn’t think anything of it” at first.

The sexual interaction began in June 2016 when the boy was 15 years old. Culver touched him when he was about to go to sleep and took off his clothes. She then gave the boy oral sex before having intercourse with him.

“After that first incident, they would engage in sex often, and it was to the point where he felt that if he told her to stop she would get mad and kick him out of the house. (The victim) told Culver via text message that he didn’t want to have sex anymore, and she made it clear that she did not want it to stop.”

The sex “happened almost every day over several months,” according to the 15-year-old.

He also told investigators that the two often had conversations over text message about having sex. He turned his phone over to authorities, and they soon found the text messages between the teen and “Mom.”

Robin Lord, Culver’s attorney, said that the allegations are completely false and the teen made it all up.

“She looks forward to these charges being dismissed. The state’s theory of the case is a completely fabricated recitation made up by a troubled, young man.”

Police arrested Culver on charges of second-degree sexual assault and second-degree endangering the welfare of a child.

According to the report, the 43-year-old has been married for 14 years.

[Feature photo: Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office]