NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio slammed for sudden trip to Hamburg as NYPD mourns fallen officer

Mayor Bill de Blasio faced harsh criticism when he skipped a NYPD swearing-in ceremony this week to attend the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, as part of the planned protests against President Donald Trump.

The trip was announced just before de Blasio left the country.

The New York City mayor was forced to defend his decision to speak at the summit, as the swearing-in ceremony was expected to honor a fallen NYPD veteran: Miosotis Familia, a 12-year veteran of the force, was tragically killed earlier this week by a gunman who approached her vehicle and shot her in the head.

Speaking on the Brian Lehrer Show, de Blasio said he felt it was his duty to accept the invitation to attend the summit, and to represent the United States as a leader who does not align with the values of the Trump administration.

“They wanted, I think, to represent the fact that there are a variety of views in the United States on how to proceed on the big issues that face this planet, particularly on climate change,” de Blasio said on the radio show.

He also said he made sure the trip to Hamburg would not conflict with Officer Familia’s memorial service, which is scheduled for next week.

But multiple reports, including one in the New York Post, have pointed out that de Blasio is tacking on a visit to his son, Dante, who is in Berlin on a summer internship.

A Fox News op-ed criticized de Blasio for making the abrupt trip to Hamburg when there are pressing issues in New York City.

“The mayor’s timing for this trip is inexplicable and shows a complete lack of regard for anyone but himself and the advancement of his progressive ideals,” contributor Ed Mullins wrote.


Feature photo: Associated Press