Violent brawl breaks out in a California McDonald’s—customers, a security guard and homeless men duke it out with chairs and mace [VIDEO]

It even spills out into the street

Police have stated that a violent brawl broke out between a security officer, customers and at least two homeless men inside of a Santa Monica McDonald’s, according to CBS Los Angeles.

The violence allegedly began when the on-duty security officer asked one of the homeless men to leave the restaurant. That was when the brawl started in earnest, with at least two homeless men attacking the security guard. The whole thing was captured on video and it has since gone viral.

As you can see in the video, the security guard attempts to mace one of his attackers, but they gang up on him. That’s when customers jump in, in an attempt to help the beleaguered employee.

It isn’t long before the brawl spills out into the street, with chairs being thrown and punches being landed, as can be seen in the video.

As a matter of fact, the poor security guard continued to take punches until the police arrived.

An employee of a nearby business spoke to CBS Los Angeles and said that violent episodes like this one have increased in regularity, due to the area’s homeless population.

She also noted that this particular McDonald’s is inviting trouble by staying open 24 hours.

“It’s unfair to workers. They don’t get paid enough to deal with that,” she said. “Especially for security guards. It’s not safe.”

A homeless man, Mark Prague, agreed, telling reporters that the restaurant “is the only place everybody’s got to come.”

Santa Monica police noted that the security guard will be fine, aside from some cuts and bruises. One of the alleged attackers will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon for grabbing the security guard’s baton during the fight.

[Featured Image: YouTube/screenshot]