After NYC police find dismembered body parts strewn about the city, Jennifer Londono’s boyfriend has been arrested for her murder [UPDATE]

Police have made an arrest in the tragic murder of 31-year-old Jennifer Londono, her boyfriend, according to Daily Mail.

Raphael Lolos, 30, was taken into custody on Thursday for suspicion of murder, after Londono’s blood was found inside of his apartment just days after she disappeared.

Police also noted that the 30-year-old had consistently been using his girlfriend’s credit cards, even after she had been reported missing, which brought further scrutiny.

As previously reported by Crime Online, police decided to search the boyfriend’s apartment upon noticing some inconsistencies with his story. They found blood in his bathtub, which DNA tests later showed to be from the victim.

The story gained national attention due to the manner in which her body was discovered, in pieces, strewn about New York City. First, her dismembered torso was found washed ashore in Brooklyn and then, later, a jogger found her leg all the way up in Manhattan.

Authorities have noted that Lolos likely dismembered his girlfriend in his home and then took the time to lay her body parts along the Hudson River, thus the discrepancies as to where the parts were found.

Londono was eventually identified thanks to a tattoo on her torso, a sanskrit message meant to honor her late aunt, as reported by Crime Online.

After being arrested, the murder suspect experienced a medical episode and was taken to the hospital. His first court appearance will occur after he is released from medical care. Lolos has been charged with murder, desecration of human remains, hindering apprehension, credit card fraud and stalking.

[Featured Image: Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office/Family Handout]