Woman streams her own death on Facebook Live [VIDEO]

The young woman was recording video in the passenger seat of a car during a deadly collision

A woman taking video during a car ride with a friend inadvertently broadcast her own death.

Nikol Barabasova, a beautiful young woman from the Czech Republic, was recording from the passenger seat and streaming on Facebook Live when the car she was riding in hit a guardrail at high speed, reports the Daily Mail.

Just before the moment of impact, Nikol appears to see danger ahead and lets out a yelp just before the apparent moment of impact. In the video, the car appears to have flipped over.

The Daily Mail reports that Nikol died at the scene, and the driver of the car is in the hospital, being treated for serious injuries. The news outlet also obtained the video of the Facebook Live recording, which includes the moment of impact.


The driver of the car was reportedly speeding at 74.5 mph at the time of impact. Police are investigating the fatal accident.

Feature photo: Facebook