Radio station standoff

Armed man sparks police standoff after a radio station failed to play his requested song

A Massachusetts man was arrested Monday after he held up a radio station demanding to hear a particular song, reports CBS News.

Police responded to calls about a man sitting in his car, brandishing a machete outside the Kiss 108 station in Medford.

Witness Doreen Schaivone told CBS Boston that the man stopped one of the employees and asked her to play “My Axe” by the Insane Clown Posse.

“He got out of his car with a machete, stopped a girl who worked up on the second floor and said ‘I want you to play a song for me.'”

When his demands were not met, he began shouting to people as the walked by, ranting about the denied request.

Police surrounded the man’s car as he drank beer and huffed something out of a brown paper bag, getting out of his car at some point in the standoff.

Witness Greg Gross said the man was “absolutely out of his mind,” and that he refused to comply with the officer’s requests.

“They tried to get him to get down on the ground and he refused and he told them ‘you’re just going to have to kill me then.'”

Gross also said that the negotiating officer tried to get “My Axe” played on the radio so they could end the standoff. At one point, officers tried unsuccessfully to take the man down with a Taser and bean bags.

Medford Police Lt. Joseph Casey said that the man finally gave up after three hours. No one was harmed except for minor self-inflicted cuts on the man’s arms.

“It was a peaceful resolution for everybody involved and nobody got seriously injured and we’re grateful for that.”

Multiple large knives, an axe, and a machete were found in the man’s car.

Police say he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/CBS Boston]