Highway gets slimed when thousands of pounds of eels fall out of truck

In Oregon, a truck transporting eels tipped over Thursday, spilling the fish all over the highway, reports MSN News.

Oregon State Police said that Salvatore Tragale was driving north on U.S. Highway 101, hauling 13 containers with 7,500 pounds of hagfish. Hagfish are commonly known as slime eels.

Tragale said he tried to stop the truck as he came upon some construction happening on the highway, but one of the containers slid off the truck and into the southbound lane while the others spilled their contents onto the roadway.

The rogue container that was flung into the other lane hit a car as it did, causing four other cars to be pushed into each other. Police said the people that were hit by the container suffered only minor injuries, but no one was seriously injured.

Hundreds of live and dead Hagfish covered the highway. Hagfish secrete slime when they’re stressed out, so both lanes and many cars were covered in the goo.

The police department posted a photo on Twitter that shows a wrecked car completely dripping with the eel slime. The photo comes with the caption that jokes, “#Cleanup on Aisle 101.”

The Depoe Bay Fire Department first posted a video on Twitter of the slimy mess, then another video showing Oregon Department of Transportation workers cleaning up the goo.

The eels were bulldozed off the highway, and after workers sprayed the slime away, it was reopened by Thursday afternoon.

According to OregonLive, the hagfish were on their way to Korea where they’re considered a delicacy.

A spokeswoman said that charges are pending for Tragale.

Hagfish secrete a slime that can expand to more than five gallons when combined with water. The fish eat by burrowing into the flesh of their meal, often the carcasses of bigger fish that have died.

Feature photo: Oregon State Police/Twitter