Three arrested after mother of two suffers brutal gang rape at gunpoint as she leaves NYC church service [UPDATE]

Suspects CAUGHT ON VIDEO trailing church-lady before brutally attacking her

Members of the NYPD have arrested three suspects who have been accused of sexually assaulting a 50-year-old Queens woman as she made her way home from church, as reported by Daily Mail.

Authorities have detained Julisses Ginel, 19, Brandon Walker, 20, and Justin Williams, who is just 17. They are being questioned by detectives at the 112th precinct, which covers the Forest Hills area of Queens, where the attack, which was captured by surveillance cameras, occurred.

According to the victim, she was forced by gunpoint to strip naked and perform sexual acts on each of the three suspects and a fourth man, who is still at large. She will be asked to identify the men during a lineup, authorities have indicated.

The brutal attack took place as the unnamed victim left a simple church service at the Celestial Church of Christ, as previously reported by Crime Online. Authorities also noted that the suspects robbed the woman after the gang rape, stealing her cell phone and subway card.

“They said, ‘If you don’t do that, I’ll shoot you.’ So I did what I had to do,” the victim said. “I thought it was a joke at first, but when I turned he put the gun to my forehead and repeated himself, saying ‘Give me all the money.’”

“You’re a stupid African woman,” one of the men reportedly said before he slapped her.

Pastor Kehinde Oyetunde alerted the police after she returned to the church, traumatized and grief-stricken.

“She was crying. She was scared, she was crying. She was just crying like a baby, we couldn’t control her,” he told CBS2.

Police say they do not believe that the victim knew any of her attackers prior to the incident. Authorities believe she was chosen at random. This is an ongoing investigation.

[Featured Image: YouTube/screenshot]