‘You’ve never seen nothing like this’: Super films inside of hoarder’s apartment, filled with thousands of roaches and a DEAD CAT [VIDEO]

A Manhattan building superintendent filmed the inside of a hoarder’s apartment after the tenant was finally evicted after neighbors complained that it smelled like a “rotting corpse.” What he found there, however, was extremely shocking, even by his standards, according to Daily Mail.

As you can see in the video, the apartment is filled with thousands of roaches and there is trash and rotting food everywhere. Most shocking, however, is when super Martin Fernandez finds a dead cat underneath a filthy mattress. The super actually had to don a Tyvek suit and a breathing mask in order to even enter the residence.

How did the tenant let it get so bad? Fernandez said he was a hoarder who just gave up on life.

“When I first started doing work, we gave him a new stove and he was a very clean guy,” he said. “[He] gave up on life for over a year and he went from being clean to what will make you gag. He became a hoarder.”

“Whatever you’ve seen, you’ve never seen nothing like this.”

The mattress was rotted and underneath is where the poor, dead cat was discovered.

“I’ve never seen a hoarder live in a condition like this like where the mattress is rotted and the guy can sleep there comfortably,” he said.

Eviction proceedings took over a year. In that time, the refrigerator caught on fire and cockroaches swarmed the apartment, as you can see in the video.

“Courts in New York City are not in your favor and they allowed him to stay for over a year living in those conditions. Of course the system will always find an excuse,” Fernandez said.

Below is an edited version of the footage if you don’t have the stomach for the full 10 minutes.

[Featured Image: YouTube/screenshot]