Florida babysitter allegedly BREAKS toddler’s arm and hits him with a kitchen untensil just because he wet his pants

A Florida woman has been arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse after being accused of breaking a 3-year-old boy’s arm just because he wet himself, according to CBS Miami.

Haillee Howell, 21, is also being accused of twisting his arm and hitting the young child with a kitchen spatula, as stated by police.

It all started last Thursday, when the unnamed mother dropped the 3-year-old off at Howell’s Daytona Beach home, along with two of her other children, ages seven and eight.

The babysitter said that the child “wet his pants” and then, according to the mother, the toddler started crying in the car on the way home.

She took him to the hospital and investigators say X-rays showed two broken bones in his wrist and another broken bone below his elbow, in addition to bruising under the boy’s eyes and in both ears.

Doctors at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center also noted that the 3-year-old had scratches on both his legs and stomach, as reported by The Root.

Howell denies abusing the boy, saying in court that the abuse must have taken place elsewhere.

Her sister also swore in court that Howell “didn’t do anything” and went as far as to say that the family had “proof” of her innocence, according to WESH.

Police, however, note that the victim’s brothers tell a similar story, of the toddler being abused at the hands of the babysitter.

Haillee Howell is being held on a $10,000 bond. It is unclear if she has hired an attorney to represent her.

[Featured Image: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office]