ROAD RAGE: Video shows Lyft driver arguing with a stranger, jumping on the roof of his van and THROWING his dog 30 feet in the air

As the victim’s infant grandchild sits in the backseat

A video has gone viral that displays an egregious case of road rage. It features an angry New Jersey Lyft driver jumping on top of a couple’s minivan, with their grandchild in the backseat, and throwing their dog in the air and across the street, according to CBS New York.

The incident occurred in Montclair, New Jersey, during a bout of midday traffic. The alleged victims, Gary and Linda Kaey, say that the alleged suspect, Marc Dionne, had been driving erratically for quite some time, weaving in and out between vehicles before finally getting stuck at a bus stop.

That’s when things took a turn for the violent, as you can see in the video below, which was captured by some nearby drivers.

Dionne allegedly became upset about being stuck behind the bus, taking his frustration out on the Kaeys. He can be seen jumping up and down on Gary Kaey’s minivan, engaging in violent behavior and hurling their small dog in the air, as high as 30 feet up, and across the street, much to the shock of the drivers who were capturing the video.

Gary Kaey spoke to reporters and heaped scorn on the suspect.

“Obviously he couldn’t get the best of me, so he chose to take an innocent animal and try to hurt me with that,” he said.

Luckily, the 12-year-old dog survived the incident and remains unharmed.

“I reached down and grabbed her, kind of like a football grab and saved her life,” Kaey said.

Dionne can be seen peeling away soon thereafter. Police have not indicated if he will face any charges. Lyft has stated that he was not on the job during the incident and that he is no longer with the ride-sharing company.

[Featured Image: YouTube/screenshot]