‘How can they let him go?’ Nancy Grace speaks out on O.J. Simpson’s upcoming parole hearing

CrimeOnline’s own Nancy Grace appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday morning to discuss O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing on Thursday. If the hearing goes his way, Simpson will be released as early as October, nine years into a 33-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Simpson is widely considered to be responsible for the brutal murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, despite his astonishing 1995 acquittal. Two years after the criminal trial, Simpson was found liable for the deaths in civil court. His loss of the civil suit required him to pay the Goldman family a settlement of over $30 million, money the family has struggled to collect.

Simpson has been behind bars since 2008, after he stormed a Las Vegas hotel room with an armed crew in September 2007, holding a victim at gunpoint with the intent to rob sports memorabilia Simpson claimed belonged to him.

GMA reports that parole board is supposed to ignore the double murder charges, since Simpson was acquitted. But Nancy Grace pointed out that the parole board will consider “aggravating circumstances” in their decision.

“Those aggravating circumstances don’t have to be convictions … and am I the only person who remembers that 1997 jury that said he did commit double murder?”

“This parole board can consider that as well. They can look at what that civil jury said,” Nancy continued.

Discussing with fellow GMA guest Dan Abrams, Nancy said:

“This is not jury trial. This a parole board. This is up to their discretion. And again … he’s done nine years of a 33-year sentence?”

“How can this parole board let him go if they have any conscience at all?”

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Feature photo: Associated Press