veteran twins

Twin veterans, 84, who fought in Vietnam War are homeless after bank forecloses their home

A pair of Veteran 84-year-old twins is now homeless after the bank foreclosed on their house, reports abc10.

Clifford and Gary Koekoek are originally from the Netherlands, raised in Belgium until World War II. After the war started, they moved to Holland where their father was inducted into the army. They lived in Indonesia and Brazil a short time before moving to the United States to work in Hollywood. The twins fought for the U.S. in the Vietnam War.

Now, the brothers face homelessness in Orangevale, California.

It started in 2007 when the duo wanted to fix the roof of their home which they bought from their mother. The home has been in the family since 1984.

“We took a loan thinking that we had a conventional loan.”

The loan was an adjustable rate loan, which meant their payments got higher and higher over time. At one point, the twins were unable to make the payments, so the bank foreclosed on their home. They were evicted in October.

The twins have no local family, so with nowhere to go, they’ve been sleeping in the car they share. They spend a lot of time walking and at the Sacramento Library where Gary researches deed records to find a way to get their house back, Fox 40 reports.

The twins say this may be the hardest time they’ve ever had, but they’d “rather die” than beg.

“It’s a lot of stress. I’d rather go back to the war and get shot at, than this crap.”

Neither of the twins ever married. Both agree that they’ve seen too much war and strife to want to start a family.

“All my life, I’ve seen people killed, tortured, loved ones taken away to concentration camps by Nazis. I don’t want that.”

Aaron Hoerner, a family friend, said he found the twins living in their car and is trying to find permanent housing for them. He’s started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the two brothers.

[Feature Photo: Fox 40 Video Screenshot]