VIDEO: Killer walks up to man eating breakfast on sidewalk and brutally stabs him in broad daylight

Surveillance video captured the brutal stabbing of a man eating a bagel outside a New York City deli this week.

The Daily News reports that Dante Lekarius was sitting outside of the Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, deli at 6:15 a.m. Thursday morning when another man approached him. The video shows the suspect leaning down to say something in Lekarius’ ear while he unfolds a knife before suddenly stabbing him in the chest. Lekarius sits, stunned for a few seconds before standing up, clutching his chest. He tries to get away from the man by walking across the street, as the suspect follows him.


The victim reportedly collapsed in the street as he tried to run for help, and died about an hour later at Coney Island Hospital.

The suspect, Ernest Dubinksy, was arrested shortly after, and the knife used in the attack was found at the scene.

Dubinsky claims that this wasn’t a random attack. He told detectives that he stabbed Lekarius in retaliation for robbing him. Police are reportedly investigating that claim.

A neighbor who recognized the two men told the Daily News they are known drug users. He claimed the victim had mental health issues.

“The victim, he was a little bit mental. He came up to my mom (last week) and said, ‘Kill me! Kill me!'”

Angel Reyes, 26, said she believes the incident involved past altercations between the two men.

“I know the suspect. I’ve seen him in my neighborhood. I pay no attention to him. I think it had to do with something in the past and it just caught up with him.”

The report said that no charges were filed as of Thursday evening. Dubinsky was seen being led out of theĀ 60th Precinct station house in Coney Island by two officers. He was reportedly taken to an ambulance for a medical evaluation.