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VIDEO: Body cam captures Ohio police officer while he brutally shoots a dog charging him

**WARNING** Graphic video

The body cam on an Ohio police officer captured the intense moment he shoots down a dog charging towards him.

The video shows Josh Tenney, an Alliance, Ohio police officer, approaching the pups and calling them over. When he is finally able to get their attention, one of the three charges at him.

The officer, feeling threatened, kicks the dogs and it rolls down a hill. He starts to back away with his gun pointed at the dog, but it continues to charge at him.

The other two dogs attempt to restrain the pup as it runs towards Tenney. The officers fired three shots when the dog reaches him, then warns the other two dogs to get back, unsure if they in turn will attack.

One of the pups stands guard over the dead dog’s body while the second roams the area.

When the dogs’ owner arrives, he picks the pup standing guard up by it’s collar. Tenney explains that it was trying to protect him from being attacked.

Investigators who reviewed the footage concluded that the officer was in fact in danger and was forced to shoot the dog.

Alliance police confirmed they were sent an email claiming the dead dog was allegedly part of a 2014 attack. An investigation into whether the three dogs were involved in a March attack of a 63-year-old man is currently underway.

Stark County Dog Warden, Jon Barber, said he does not know if there are any charges are pending against the dogs’ owner. He added that this type of incident isn’t what any officer anticipates.

“No officer (whether police or animal control) puts their uniform on in the morning, planning to go in and kill something that day.”

The dead pup was named China. China was a winner of the Coastal Products Pet Show.

[Feature Photo: Alliance Police Body Camera]