‘What a scumbag’: Video shows Florida man KNOCKING OUT valet, allegedly because he didn’t want to pay his bill

Florida police are investigating a violent incident in which a hotel customer allegedly punched a valet square in the face, knocking him out for five minutes, as reported by CBS Miami.

The whole thing was caught on video and, according to the victim, the brutal attack occurred just because the customer didn’t want to pay his bill, which clocked in at $18.

Surveillance video from the Ocean Sky Hotel & Resort in Fort Lauderdale shows the man having a conversation with the valet and then, suddenly, the employee can be seen falling to the ground, having received a knock-out blow.

Rodolfo Rodriguez, the alleged victim, spoke to reporters about the violent episode.

“He upset, upset with the price of the parking lot,” the valet noted. “He said, ‘I gonna fight you.’”

However, that is the last thing Rodriguez remembers before getting hit and knocked to the ground.

“Knocked out,” he said. “I was five minutes on the ground and I don’t remember after that.”

Hotel manager Mark Dyer spoke to the alleged attacker after the incident, and he told reporters that the man claimed to be a former DEA agent. That didn’t quench his anger about what happened to his employee.

“He could have had a brain hemorrhage. His eyes were rolling into the back of his head,” he said. “What a scumbag.’”

“He needs to go to jail,” Dyer said as he noted that the customer drives a car valued at $80,000.

As of this writing, police have yet to interview the alleged attacker. Cpt. Frank Sousa said he initially considered the alleged attack a misdemeanor battery but after authorities go over the video they may up the charges.

[Featured Image: YouTube/screenshot]