Police find MARIJUANA FARM in child’s bedroom behind a ‘Frozen’ poster

British police made a startling discovery during a raid on a Sheffield residence, a fully functioning marijuana farm in a children’s bedroom, as reported by Metro UK.

Authorities discovered a false wall in the child’s room, which was covered up by a poster depicting the popular animated film Frozen. When they removed the poster, and the false wall, they came across the massive stash of cannabis.

A picture of the bedroom was released by police on their official Twitter account and, as you can see below, the operation is state of the art, featuring heating lamps and multiple marijuana plants.

A 64-year-old man was arrested at the property, investigators have noted. A South Yorkshire Police spokesman described what they found behind that false wall, in a statement delivered to members of the press.

“Three mature plants and five seedlings have been recovered and a 64-year-old man has been interviewed and reported on summons to court for production and cultivation of cannabis,” he said.

It has not been revealed if an actual child lived in the room or if it was just plain subterfuge.

This isn’t the only recent marijuana-based discovery in England. Back in February, authorities uncovered a massive marijuana farm in an underground bunker that was originally built to help people survive a nuclear fallout, as reported by Metro UK. Police called it the “largest and most sophisticated cannabis factory” they had ever come across, with the marijuana grown in the facility worth more than a $1 million.

[Featured Image: Sheffield Police Department]