Pervert pharmacist orders female customer to strip before filling prescription: Police

Police officers have arrested a New York pharmacist after he was accused of making a female customer get naked in order to receive her medications, as reported by WKBW.

Niagara Falls Police and the DEA arrested 81-year-old Robert Kenzia and charged him with coercion on Tuesday morning. Kenzia, a licensed pharmacist at McLeod’s Pharmacy, is alleged to have urged the unnamed woman to disrobe and, when she hesitated, threatened to notify other pharmacies to not fill her prescriptions, putting her health at risk. Police say this outrageous behavior continued over the course of several months.

“It was an area where Mr. Kenzia and the victim would have been alone,” a police spokesman told reporters.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is now conducting a full audit of the pharmacy to see if it has participated in other illegal activities. Local police are also interviewing other customers, as Kenzia could be a repeat offender and additional victims may have yet to come forward. Police told reporters that they “received some traffic on the tip line” that needs to be investigated, according to Niagara Gazette.

One longtime friend of the elderly pharmacist, Diane Curtis, spoke to KTLA and expressed disbelief.

“When I saw it, I laughed. It’s not him,” she said, of Kenzia. “I’m shocked…truly shocked.”

“I don’t believe it. I just know that Bob is a very religious man, he’s a very family-oriented man.”

The investigation of Kenzia is ongoing, as is the DEA’s audit of McLeod’s Pharmacy. The 81-year-old was booked at police headquarters and released on his own recognizance. He’ll be arraigned in Falls City Court at a later date. He could face a year in jail if convicted.

[Featured Image: WKBW/screenshot]