Fidel Lopez mugshot

‘Monster’ boyfriend who disemboweled girlfriend with beer bottle and hair straightener to ‘die in prison’

A Florida man who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder after disemboweling his girlfriend in a fit of rage has been sentenced to life in prison.

Fidel Lopez originally pleaded not guilty to the murder, but in July he accepted a plea agreement and change his plea to not guilty in order to avoid the death penalty. He was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole, New York Daily News reports.

The 26-year-old admitted to turning into a “monster” when his girlfriend Maria Nemeth, 31, said her ex-husband’s name during drunken sex in their apartment in September 2015.

Lopez disemboweled his girlfriend after sexually assaulting her with a beer bottle and a hair straightener. He then called 911 that night to report that his girlfriend was unable to breathe. She eventually started vomiting and collapsed.

Crime scene from the apartment where Fidel Lopez disemboweled Maria Nemeth [Broward State Attorney's Office]

Officers and emergency responders found Lopez crying over Nemeth’s mangled body when they arrived. He initially said that the two were having consensual rough sex when she told him to use the beer bottle. He claimed she told him to keep going even after she started bleeding, but he eventually confessed to the murder.

A life sentence in prison is mandatory for the conviction, but Judge Ilona Holmes agreed to delay sentencing so that statements could be made before the court. The judge told the murderer that he would never get out of prison.

“You are going to die in prison.”

Lopez issued and apology to Nemeth’s family through a translator before he was sentenced, saying that he knew he deserved the punishment.

“Today, I’m happy to fulfill this conviction … I know what I did has to be paid for and I agree … I pay with my life for the life I took. To Maria’s family I ask forgiveness.”

On Thursday, Nemeth’s father used a translator to describe his daughter as a loving person, and wanted the world to know that.

“If I had to summarize the life of Maria, it would be very difficult to express it in a few line. I just want to tell you all that she was and will continue to be a model of affection, effort, perseverance and love of humanity.”

[Feature Photo: Broward Sheriff’s Office]