Unsuspecting young girl horrified after man commits lewd sex act on her at amusement park: Police

Police are looking for a man caught on surveillance footage

Pennsylvania police are trying to identify a suspect who allegedly ejaculated on a 13-year-old girl while she waited in line at an amusement park, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

The unnamed victim was in line for a ride called the Log Jammer at an amusement park called Kennywood when the suspect allegedly sidled up next to her, took out his penis and ejaculated on her leg.

The 13-year-old spoke to reporters about the alleged incident.

“There is this guy behind me and he was getting closer to me, and I was moving away from him,” the girl said. “I felt something warm, like, go on my leg. I turned around and his private part was out, and I was screaming at him, ‘Get away from me, you’re disgusting, and why would you do that,’ and he said in a soft voice, ‘Sorry, I have a problem.'”

West Mifflin Police have released surveillance footage of the man and are hard at work trying to identify him using a DNA database. Authorities say the DNA was culled using the man’s sperm.

Park officials have released a statement, which was obtained by WPXI.

“Kennywood would like to express its sympathy toward the victim and her family for this unfortunate incident. Kennywood has been working with West Mifflin Police since the initial reports on Monday evening and will continue to cooperate with the authorities to the best of our abilities.”

The teenager’s mother, however, has accused the park of being negligent in how they have handled the situation, saying that her daughter had to seek out security on her own.

“She had to seek her own security. I believe the way they handled it was horrible. They should have said, ‘Stay here, I’m going to call security.’ Security should have taken her to their office and police should have been called immediately,” she said.

Anyone who is able to identify this man should contact West Mifflin Police at 412-461-0600.

[Featured Image: West Mifflin Police Department]