Christopher Henderson

Husband solves his bigamy problem by MURDER, cops say

An Alabama bigamist couple was indicted by a Madison County grand jury two years after they brutally murdered the husband’s other wife, children, and other family members.

Christopher Matthew Henderson, 42, and Rhonda Jean Carlson, 44, were indicted  on July 28 for the August 4, 2015 murders. Henderson was indicted on 19 counts of capital murder, and Carlson on 18, for murdering five people, then setting the bodies on fire, according to

Police say the couple stabbed Henderson’s wife, Kristen, multiple times or shot her. Kristen was 9 months pregnant with her and Henderson’s child. The unborn baby, Loryn Brook Smallwood, was killed by the couple “cutting her from the womb of her mother and then stabbing her multiple times.”

Clayton Daniel Chambers, Kristen’s 8-year-old son, was also stabbed to death.

Kristen’s nephew, 1-year-old Eli Reed Sokolowski, was stabbed, but died of asphyxia in the fire, according to investigators.

The couple shot Carol Smallwood, Kristen’s mother, to death with a .22 caliber shotgun.

When firefighter’s were called to Carol and Joe Smallwood’s home, other family members were able to show investigators surveillance footage of the house from their cell phones. The surveillance system was installed just a week before the murders right after Kristen got a protective order against Henderson.

Henderson and Carlson can be seen in the video entering the home with a gas can, then leaving shortly after with smoke coming from the house.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Henderson’s mother’s home, and a backpack, that Henderson’s daughter says he was wearing the day of the murders, was found at the house with duct tape and a lock pick. They also found the shirt he was wearing the day of the murders.

A .22 caliber shotgun and, a pistol, and ammunition were found in Carlson’s vehicle, which can be seen in the surveillance footage.

Investigators say that Kristen and Henderson were in the middle of a divorce at the time. The two were married in 2014 before Kristen learned of her husband’s other wife.

Both Henderson and Carlson have been jailed since they were arrested in August 2015.

[Feature Photo: Madison County Jail]