screenshot of Texas robbers

Awesome ‘Badass’ employees stop an armed robbery bare-handed

Two employees at a store in Texas thwarted a couple of robbers trying to hold them at gunpoint and rob them, Star-Telegram reports.

Surveillance video shows two robbers with backpacks entering the store and holding guns to the two employees behind the counter of Z Comm Communications in Arlington, Texas. When one of the suspects jumped the counter, the employees rushed him and tried to take him down.

The second suspect appeared confused at first, but ended up pointing a gun at the two employees wrestling his buddy. The second robber eventually fled, leaving his friend to be taken down, but the friend broke from the employees after a few seconds of struggle. He then ran out of the store.

Police spokesman Steven Bartolotta said Tuesday that what the employees did was commendable, but others shouldn’t follow their lead.

“It was brave of them. But it’s not what we would recommend employees do.”

The video of the July 18 incident was released to the public in the hopes that someone will recognize the two robbers’ faces and contact police.

Z-Comm manager Khurrum Monga said this was the first robbery the store had ever experienced. He said the man who first pulled a gun initially began asking about buying a phone.

“When he pulled out the gun, I thought he was playing a game or it was joke. He jumped over the counter and that’s when we started pushing and grabbing him.”

There were no injuries reported from the incident.

According to WFAA, Monga moved to the U.S. from Pakistan 14 years ago, and has worked too hard to let someone rob him of his hard work. He says he would do it again.

Anyone with information about the incident should call police at 817-459-53011.

[Feature Photo: Surveillance footage screenshot]