‘He just started crawling on Sunday’: Unlicensed day care leaves infant unattended in closet and he suffocates to death

A young Texas mother is grieving after her 9-month-old infant died while under supervision by a babysitter at an unlicensed day care center, CBS DFW has reported.

Megan Norris, 21, left her baby boy John in the care of a babysitter she found on Facebook at a home that presented itself as a day care center in Northwest Fort Worth. Authorities have noted that more than a dozen children were inside of the home when the babysitter placed the infant in a carseat and then inside of a walk-in closet so he could get some rest.

When the sitter checked in on the boy some time later he had already suffocated to death. His death was ruled an accident Tuesday by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office, however.

A Child Protective Services spokesperson told reporters that they are investigating the sitter and the alleged day care center, looking for any signs that she misrepresented herself.

Megan Norris spoke to reporters and said she had “checked the babysitter out” and didn’t notice any red flags, but was unaware that there would be so many other children in the home.

“I believed the sitter was giving him her full attention. I had no idea what was really going on or I would have never left him there,” she said.

Her grief was overwhelming as she discussed the loss of her 9-month old.

“I’m devastated without my precious baby,” she said while crying. “He just started crawling on Sunday… and he was 9-months-old yesterday. He changed my life, he really did.”

John Norris was her only child. Megan is now doing her best to warn parents about the dangers of unlicensed day care centers.

“They should give you full access to their home. They should be willing to provide you whatever CPS background check you want. And you should check to see if police have been called to their residence in the past.”

[Featured Image: YouTube/screenshot]