Chinese baby in mail bag

Mother wraps newborn in plastic bags then tries to mail her to the local orphanage

A 24-year-old mother is in custody in Fuzhou, China, for suspected child abandonment after she allegedly tried to mail her baby to an orphanage.

The newborn baby was found wrapped in black plastic bags Wednesday after the mother handed a package over to the mail courier, refusing to let him inspect it, CNN reports. When he noticed the package was moving and heard noises coming from it, he opened it to find the live infant girl inside.

A cell phone video taken when the baby was discovered shows a man dipping a Q-tip in a bottle of water and running it over the baby’s lips in an attempt to hydrate her in the 98.6 degree weather. A crowd of local residents surrounded the baby while they waited for emergency services to arrive.

The baby is currently in stable condition at Jin’an District Hospital, where an official said “her life isn’t in any danger.”

The official shocked people on social media when he mentioned that the baby would most likely be sent back to the mother that abandoned her.

“Police have identified the mother, who said she would take the baby home.”

One user of Weibo, a social media platform similar to Twitter, said, “Giving the baby back to the parents — so they can abandon her again?” While another commented, “What a heartless woman. She should be wrapped up in black plastic bags and left to die out under the sun.”

According to CNN, it isn’t uncommon in China for newborn girls to be abandoned by their parents. With China’s strict family planning policies, newborn girls are often sent to orphanages as boys are preferred in the country.

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs has reported a whopping number of 460,000 orphans in China. CNN reported in 2014 that there was only one social worker for every 10 orphans, with many of the children suffering from disabilities.

[Feature Photo: Screengrab]