REALLY?! Convicted sex offender gets caught committing lewd act in front of women and allegedly blames it on a groundhog

Kentucky police have arrested a man after he was allegedly caught pleasuring himself at a local park in front of several women, as reported by WDRB.

Robert McCoy, 53, has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse, a felony. Police were called to the scene of Lannan Memorial Park on Thursday after they received a tip that McCoy was performing his lewd act in full view of several park attendees. One of the alleged victims told police that he had been following her and her friends as they played in the park, according to FOX 19. They also said he was making motions consistent of a sex act and even turned to face them, showing his genitals.

The 53-year-old sped off on a moped but was soon captured by authorities driving westbound on a walking trail. Investigators noted that McCoy had a most unusual excuse for his actions. They say he told them he was just urinating in the bushes when a groundhog appeared and surprised him, causing his pants to fall to the ground. He also denied he was performing a sex act, police have said.

According to court records, he is registered sex offender, meaning he has already been arrested and convicted of a felony sex crime. Authorities have yet to reveal the nature of the previous conviction, however.

The sex offender is currently being held in Louisville Metro Corrections. It is unknown if he has obtained legal counsel or when he will face a judge.

[Featured Image: Louisville Metro Corrections]