‘People have the hatred in their heart’: More violence from Charlottesville as white supremacists brutally beat 20-year-old black man with poles

**WARNING** Graphic images

Charlottesville police have become aware of even more violence that occurred during yesterday’s notorious hate march as a 20-year-old black man was brutally beaten by a group of white supremacists with poles, according to Daily Mail.

Deandre Harris, 20, was attending the counter march with some friends when he got separated from the group. That’s when he says he was surrounded by pole-wielding white supremacists who beat him mercilessly.

Photographer Zach D. Roberts managed to snap a picture of the attack and posted it on Twitter, where it has gone viral.

Harris, who teaches special needs students at a local high school, spoke to The Root about the harrowing ordeal, which left him with numerous injuries.

“The KKK and white supremacists just rushed us,” he said. “They were beating me with poles. I have eight staples in my head, a broken wrist and a chipped tooth.”

Luckily, his friends spotted him underneath the pile of violent white supremacists. They intervened and, in his eyes, saved his life.

Image credit: GoFundMe

Incidentally, the violent episode occurred right outside of the police department.

“The beating happened right beside the police department, and no police were there to help me at all,” he said, noting that his mother was thinking about suing the city of Charlottesville.

He also said that it was simply crazy “that people have the hatred in their heart to want to kill black people.”

The victim’s family has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for his medical bills.

[Featured Image: Twitter]