Bikini-clad drunk woman bites off a fisherman’s lure and then swims away with it: Police

Florida police have arrested a woman after she allegedly bit the end off of a fisherman’s lure and swam away with it, as reported by WSB-TV.

Alexandria Turner, 22, is said to have swam up to the fisherman’s line, cussed him out, bit off his bait and then swam away.

Deputies were called to the St. Johns County Pier, in Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday at around 6 p.m. The 22-year-old was arrested, though the arrest was not made easily, according to authorities.

Originally she was just asked to enter the pier’s office. That’s when police say she became belligerent, and that she was obviously inebriated. The 22-year-old refused to walk inside the office, authorities said, which forced them to issue an arrest.

Investigators say Turner then refused to let deputies handcuff her and that she repeatedly screamed “I’m f—— naked!” Police note that she was not naked and was wearing a bikini at the time of the incident.

Deputies note the 22-year-old continued to make a scene and that she upset the “sense of public norm at the pier” when they tried to take her into protective custody, as reported by Action News Jax. Eventually, she was “forcefully” led to a patrol car.

She was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest without violence. It is not known if she made bail or if she has received legal counsel. It must also be noted that the fishing pole she bit into was rented, authorities have noted. It is unclear if she managed to damage the pole.

[Featured Image: Jacksonville Police Department]